The good life
in every sip.

We love the good life, la buena vida – that sweet spot between chasing dreams and embracing everyday wins. We started Yotobi with a mission to capture the spirit of la buena vida in each bottle of mezcal.


Yotobi is here to disrupt your routine. We’re breaking rank with the expected and traditional – a modern mezcal rebellion.

Open doors with
familiar flavors

Mezcal is for everyone. Our fruit-forward expressions are approachable to new consumers without alienating mezcal loyalists.

Break expectations
not your wallet.

Great-tasting mezcal shouldn't cost a fortune. Using novel ingredients allows us to craft a mezcal that is as affordable as it is delicious.
In 2020, a lightbulb went off. Could mezcal be more approachable to newcomers?

You’ve probably heard it – Mezcal is “smokey tequila.” It's a reasonable description for the uninitiated, but the categorization and taste can be enough to turn off newcomers. It can take time to develop an appreciation for this magical elixir. But what if Mezcal shared more familiar flavors, ones that balanced out the smoky notes that tend to alienate some? This curiosity set us out in pursuit of a new kind of mezcal, and by the end of 2020, we had packed our lives and moved to Oaxaca.

We spent the first half of the year climbing winding mountains, traversing desert roads, and meeting with anyone willing to sit and share what mezcal means to them. Every taste, smell, and encounter gave us more insight into this world and a greater appreciation for agave's impact on these communities.

Fruit-forward became our target. We started experimenting with what was possible.

In the summer of 2021, a stopover in the small desert town of San Martín Lachilá led to a chance run-in with two brothers-in-law who had long been distilling mezcal for themselves and their local community. We got along great with them, their family, and the many animals on their property. What’s more, they made some pretty great mezcal.

Together, we set out to see what was possible. Fruit-forward was the goal. We started with an ensamble, a custom blend of Espadín, Tobasiche, and Tobala designed to layer hints of citrus on top of the traditional mesquite notes familiar in mezcal. It was delicious, but the real unlock came when we incorporated fruit during distillation. Dozens of fruit combinations and countless distillations later, Yotobi was born.

Different by design. Yotobi has arrived to inject fun and flavor into the world of agave.

Dinner parties and local festivals became our proving ground, sharing Yotobi with anyone willing. The feedback helped us further refine what would become the final formula. We knew we had something special. Fortunately, we weren't the only ones who thought so – and thanks to a group of friends willing to support us, we had what we needed to go from field and fruit stand to store shelves.

Team Yotobi
Two friends motivated by a passion for mezcal. We set out to shape our vision for a new type of mezcal that was fruit-forward, unconventional, approachable, and, most of all, delicious. We’ve stayed true to our mission and managed not to take ourselves too seriously. Three years later, the result is Yotobi — a first-of-its-kind fruit-distilled Mezcal.
yo•to•bi  /yō-tō-bē/

adverb. in an excellent manner; all is well and then some.

Yotobi is a kind of Spanish shorthand for “Yo todo bien” translating to “I’m all good” or “Allswell”. It’s a phrase that captures the la buena vida spirit – the driving force behind what we do. Oh, and for fun, in Japanese, Yotobi loosely translates to “flying at night”.

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